Learn how your septic system works

Properly maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of septic systems is vital to protecting private drinking water wells. Similar to septic systems, proper well construction and continued maintenance are keys to a safe water supply.

Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures, commonly used in rural areas without centralized sewer systems. They use a combination of nature and proven technology to treat wastewater from household plumbing produced by bathrooms, kitchen drains, and laundry.

A typical septic system consists of a septic tank and a drainfield, or soil absorption field. The septic tank digests organic matter and separates floatable matter (e.g., oils and grease) and solids from the wastewater. Soil-based systems discharge the liquid (known as effluent) from the septic tank into a series of perforated pipes buried in a leach field, chambers, or other special units designed to slowly release the effluent into the soil.

Alternative systems use pumps or gravity to help septic tank effluent trickle through sand, organic matter (e.g., peat and sawdust), constructed wetlands, or other media to remove or neutralize pollutants like disease-causing pathogens, nitrogen, phosphorus, and other contaminants. Some alternative systems are designed to evaporate wastewater or disinfect it before it is discharged to the soil.

Many people across the state of Delaware have a well and septic system. Learn about the importance of your well water, and its relationship to your septic system. EPA Learn More

Is it time to have your outdated septic system inspected?

Locate your Delaware certified septic inspector that can provide an accurate, impartial, and complete valid septic inspection report. Serving all of Delaware. If you have a problem with your disposal system or believe it may be failing, or you are selling or buying a new home and need an inspection please contact us today a licensed Class H system inspector will assist you futher. For help or to make an appointment to have your system inspected contact us today. Below you will note which type of system you have. Keep your pump out records and know the location of your system.

Types of septic systems that a licensed Class H contractor Inspects:
  • Typical Full Depth Gravity System
  • Typical Pressure-Dosed System
  • Typical Gravity Capping Fill System
  • Typical Low Pressure Pipe System
  • Typical Elevated Sand Mound System
  • Typical Micro-Irrigation "Drip" Alternative Syst


If you are ready to sell your home in Delaware or have a failing septic system now may be the time to ask for an appointment to have your septic system inspected. Not only does a good working system help protect waterways but may also protect the home owner, home buyer or home seller from running into an unhealthy septic system.

Did you know when you sell your home The Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control requires that you have a septic H inspection? Do Your Part & Become Septic Smart along with us during our part to encourage homeowners to design and maintain effectie systems to protect public health, preserve valuable water resources, and sustain economic vitality in their communities. About. A Guide For Delaware Homeowner More

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